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It’s electric! 


It’s electric! 

How-D y’all! 

So if you guys are like me, I am constantly online researching new ideas and crafts and techniques. It’s exhaustingly fun! I came across these YouTube videos where they make wreaths out of plastic table cloths and I thought “Heck yea! I’ve got to try that!” I’ll post the links to the videos I found helpful at the bottom of this blog. 

It looked easy. You cut up plastic, rectangular table cloths into strips and tie them onto a wire form, if that’s a 4 ring metal form or a single metal wreath form or even a bent, rounded out coat hanger. 

It is easy and time consuming. Once I got the hang of cutting the table cloths it went much faster. I will do another post on the folding and cutting when I get ready to cut a new one. 

Here is what I’ve made so far…

I have a four ring wreath form. The red table cloth is from Dollar General. It is very slick and I really like working with it. I think it makes for a smooth and fuller look. The black and white one came from Dollar Tree. It was harder to work with because it was very clingy and thin. I had to work for an extra hour to get all the pieces separated because when you cut them they stay clumped together. I think that this is just the nature of the material for the patterned table cloth because I have another patterned cloth with flamingos on it and that one felt like paper. 

Some of the videos have you tying on each of the inner two rings. I think that is excessive. I work on a budget, a tight budget. One row is fluffy enough I think. 


This is my tying technique…

I tied on two white and then two black and white

The slide everything up (or down) to the crossbar and keep tying!

Here is where I’m at and this is what is left after working on this project.

Last two decisions I have to make is

1. If I want the last section to be red or black and white 

2. If I want to add anything more like ribbons, flowers or such.

I am excited about this wreath and can not wait to make another one! It is super light and weather proof because it’s plastic! And it is easy to make on a budget! 

I’ve got to be honest with you, I don’t know how long this has taken me to make. I’m horrible about keeping track of things like that. I do know once I started tying, it was only 2 hours to get everything tied on because I watched 2 hour long episodes of Law and Order: SVU. I don’t really like this show and it’s better than the news or anything else we got on our bunny ear reception.

So, ok… 

Good luck! Have fun!

Any questions just contact me 🙂 

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