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“Bow tie” wreath magic

I’ll put the links to magical wreath making at the bottom.

Right now I wanted to tell you about my new discovery and how much I am in love with this technique of wreath making!

I call it the “Bow tie” technique. It is really easy! And super cute! And super fast! And it makes for a fuller wreath!

The original recipe calls for the medium roll of mesh (10″) cut into 18 strips of 30 inches and 6 strips of 26 inches. 6 pipe cleaners on the outer rim, 6 on the middle rims and 6 on the inner rim. And 3 pipe cleaners cut in half. 

I’m poor. So I had to come up with a slightly less full look because I needed it to be completed with one roll of mesh. I cut my medium mesh into strips of 25 inches and I can get 4-6 remaining cuts of 15 inches for the “after filler”. Now you can make your mesh last even longer by adding another color! And it gives it some razzle dazzle 😉

Stop! Picture time! 

Ok, so I purchase my wreath forms from Hobby Lobby and they are 2.99$. Their 16 inch forms are what I use and they have 8 sections. *A section, to me, is the space in between the “cross bars” which are the metal bars that connect all the rims. See picture* I put 3 pipe cleaners in each section, 2 on the outer most 2 rims and one, centered, on the inner most 2 rims. Again, see picture. 

*Side note: I love Dollar Tree’s metal wreath forms also for wreaths I’m making with smaller pieces on it, like wood signs I get from, you guessed it, Dollar Tree!*

Back to task: 

Once you get your pipe cleaners down, time to cut your mesh. Again, I’m poor, so I had to try to make my mesh last. I cut these into 25 inch strips.

next we need to make the “Bow tie”. Lay your mesh so that the finished edges are on the sides and a cut end is in front of you. Start in the middle of the mesh and pinch up the middle. The end result will look like a bow tie! I have pictures! Sorry my hand looks funny. It just looks wierd.

Lay the bow tie on the wreath in an open pipe cleaner and twist to secure. Do this for the whole wreath and with any other colors you want and soon your wreath is complete!

okWow. That is one blurry picture. Anyhow, you get the idea. I didn’t like the silver on this one, there were places that was all silver and I just wasn’t ok with that, so the smaller pieces of blue I cut, and I cut them at 15 inches and I got 4 of them to finish off the roll, I put between the silver on the top and the silver on the bottom. That broke of the monotony of the silver. I like it much better! 

*I want to point out that I used blue mesh from Hobby Lobby and silver mesh from Michaels. The Michaels brand is longer by an inch- an inch and a quarter. Why? I don’t know. All mesh should be the same width. Mesh equality! *

I will decorate this in baseball paraphernalia for my cousins baseball team. 

So that’s it. I’ll update with a finalised product photo when I get my goods in! 

Later kids. Make good choices. 

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