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Things have been crazy!

Sorry I haven’t been writing for a while.

I have been up to my elbows in flowers and mesh!

My trip into business has been crazy and fun and stressful and fulfilling and sad and restful. 

I received my business cards and I’m in love! I ordered from Vistaprint. I did a lot of research before I ordered anything. I wanted to shop local, support the underdog, however being cost conscious, NOTHING beat Vistaprint’s prices. And I ordered 500, color front, black & white back, for like 12$. Not a bad price. At. All. Now while I was researching this company, as of recent, they were having a string of bad reviews. I took that into consideration before making my decision. I think I got a great product and I will be purchasing from them again! The color and quality are just as I had anticipated. 

The business took a turn when I was asked if I made headstone saddles. I said that I could learn and since I love learning, I researched it and made 2.  I will post the videos I felt most helpful at the end of this post.                                                   The first one, I was just given color combinations. This is what I came up with…

The second one, I was given a photograph of the flowers to go off of. 

This is what I came up with…

And then I got orders.

For another headstone saddle…

…For a lavender and purple cemetery arrangement and a patriotic one. I made 2 to give the client something to pick from and she bought all 4!

now, this last patriotic one I decided to go a little bit abstract on. I took a risk and it paid off because I LOVE it! Mom and I were walking down the isle at Hob Lob and she saw a flower and said “Can you use this?” And I said “Yes. And this and this and we are done!”

I want to mention that the white flowers sticking up tall by the blue berries are flocked. I now HATE flocked flowers. I couldn’t do anything with them without them flaking off. It’s like playing with small balls of Styrofoam. I think I hate it just as much as I hated the glitter tulle. 

Speaking of glitter tulle, my next purchase came from Louisiana! My friend is paining her doors and sent me the picture of the paint chip. I liked the photograph so much that I used the colors from her countertop to make the wreath. The yellow tulle had glitter and it was everywhere! It’s not embedded into the tulle. It’s almost like they just drug the tulle through glitter and rolled it up and put it on the shelf. I’m shocked it got to Louisiana with any glitter on it at all!

I’ve never done flower arranging before. I have always wanted to learn though. YouTube is a fantastic source for learning anything you could possibly ever want to learn and for FREE! 

Since then, I have had a wreath give away. It was thrilling! And frightening! I paid 3$ to facebook to promote my post with my contest on it. And it was a very strategic move and I believe it paid off. I received over 400 views just by paying to promote my contest post. That was in addition to the 600 people that I reached just by posting. It is a great way to promote and entice people into your shop/page.

I posted 5 wreaths and had them labeled 1-5. I had the people comment on the post as to which one they wanted to win. I wrote each one down on a piece of paper and put it in the official Create & Bea Contest Bag. Then I drew a name. This wreath went to Florida!

Also, my friend Ari, introduced me to a photo editing site called Pixlr. She actually used one of my painted tile photos on Pixlr to create my logo, which I LOVE! She also taught me to watermark my photographs. It’s a pain and it is worth it. 

Speaking of photographs, if you are selling anything, photograph it with a ruler in a photo. Also have something next to it to compare it’s size to. 

AND I had a photo shoot. It’s been a while and I am kinda tiiiiiiiin roof, rusty taking photos. They had Alpaca and I am a city girl and have never been around wildlife. The Alpaca didn’t kick me or spit on me. The leader wanted me to pet it so I believe I have been initiated and am now an Alpaca! 


Ok. I think that is all I can write about now. I’ve been getting books on audio on my phone and on cd’s so that I can work and create at the same time. It is nice however I appreciate the feel and weight and smell of a book in my hands. 


Later kids. Make good choices. 

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