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We are live!

I have been working, crazy hard, to get my items out into the universe. I am the kind of person who wants everything right the first time and I am unnessairly hard on myself when I should be kind. 

Starting a business is one of those times. Not everything has to be perfect. Not everything has to be now. And I believe if someone in the universe and I are supposed to be connected via my art or photography or even by a wreath I make, then that will happen regardless. All I can do is unleash my spirit into the wild, blue, mystic stratosphere and know I’m not the only one who vibes this way. 

I tend to work at night. I feel like a vampire sometimes. In fact, my shop was almost named Vamp Crafts. I was talked down from that one by caring people, afraid it would put the wrong impression out there that I only did crafts about vampires and other sinister, dark corner dwellers. I understand where they are coming from and I still haven’t given up hope that “vampire” will appear somewhere on some of my items. I do love the night!

In conclusion, we are live on:


Twitter: @CreateAndBea 

And of course here on WordPress!

Come check us out! Hopefully I can make something custom for you 🙂 

Later kids. Make good choices.

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