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Necessary compromises?

I dislike not having things the way I see them in my head. It is maddening. 

I purchased these bags from Zazzle.

They are perfectly good totes. 

The quality of bag is very good. They are taller and wider than I thought they would be. The quality of my photos on the bags are very good. 

There is nothing wrong with these bags. 

I’m still not happy. This is not what I want. 

I want to do things my way. I want to print on things I want to print on. I want to create my own image to print. I want to be able to help others afford to print some cool stuff on some cool shit as well. 

I understand why places like Zazzle and Society 6 and Printful all conduct the business the way they do. It makes sense to do business that way.

I would send people to these websites and on those websites I would have set up a digital shop. You, as the customer to my shop, would say “Yes, I want this photo on a pair of leggings.” You would check out and the item would be printed and shipped to you, the customer. 

That’s fantastic. 

There’s also something to be said about having supplies on hand, in an actual store, that people can see and feel. 

As a woman, and I believe this quirk is more common in women, we have the ability to touch one thing while simultaneously looking at something else entirely. One of my ex’s used to bring this to my attention. That’s why he’s an ex because to hell with that bothering you, go the hell away. 

Point is that now that I’m aware that I do this, I think about it more often. And because my brain does NOT STOP, ever, I will touch something while looking at something else and having an epiphany over something related to the two items. 

I love to learn things. It’s an obsession. Like this week alone I learned how to flush the oil and coolant in a vehicle via YouTube! I have researched, NON STOP, heat presses, Direct to Garment (DTG) printers and sublimation printers. 

All of the above was super easy to read or watch to learn about. I’m ready to spend all day under my car playing with fluids like a mad chemist. 

Know what’s not easy to read or watch and learn about? How to get a grant for a female owned, small business. All of the sites are “Click here. Now click here. Just joking. We took you to the first page on this site again. Hahaha. Silly us. We are zany.” No not hahaha you insufferable people. I feel like I’m putting in a lot of work, more than just the average glancer would exert, and I’ve got bupkis. 

I realize the fine line between genius and insanity. I want to understand and sometimes I feel like I live an a whole other plane than everyone else and it’s hard for me to stay current because my thoughts are always running down this long track, expanding on the simple idea until the track meets brick wall and I stand before it. I’d like to mention that the double decker couch is a superb idea, Emmett😉

Imagine me as a child, excited to explain to my dad how I wanted this bunk bed to be made. We sat around the table drawing and erasing and brainstorming until we created the coolest bunk bed any 7 year old you could possibly ever want. It had a desk and a swivel bookcase for books and a full length mirror and drawers. Now imagine my dismay when a week later a local furniture store showed a commercial with almost my exact bed featured in it. Oh, the crying that ensued. 

I also have this thing where I want to hand out the best ware possible. So I see ahead of any flaws or for any expansions that need to be made. I want to put out the best, most advanced ware that I can the first time. 

So the bags. They are good. They are sturdy. The colors are correct. 

I want more. I want better. 

So it was a necessary compromise I had to make to get these bags into existence. They were the most affordable for me at this time and thusly more affordable for the customer. It had the pictures I wanted on them. So overall. I can’t complain. However, if I’m given the chance, I’m making my own damn bags. 
Later kids. Make good choices. 

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4 thoughts on “Necessary compromises?

  1. Wow. That’s pretty good. Love ya anyway.

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  2. Justin Click on said:

    I understand your frustration. In writing, things in my head don’t always sound as good when I put them thoughts onto paper. However, having a multitude of products, at different price ranges and different styles isn’t a bad thing either. Some of my poems have affected others more than I ever thought possible. Just because I didn’t like them. Be open to new things, but challenging yourself for more is okay. Don’t be dismayed because it isn’t what you want, because it may be perfect for what someone else wants. It all starts somewhere. Hang in there, and no matter what remember that your items are all unique and your own. You get to do something you enjoy doing, so don’t be so hard on yourself. Your stuff is really good and everybody who sees it thinks the same thing.

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